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His new music collection is called Little Demons. Stay tuned for more information.

Jerry Giddens

Jerry Giddens is a singer-songwriter, poet, playwright, and teacher. Veteran of the vibrant 1980s and 1990s indie music scene in Los Angeles, Giddens was the imagination behind Walking Wounded with whom he recorded four records: The New West, Raging Winds of Time, Hard Times, and artificial hearts. His twelve title discography includes The Ballad of Gaucho Gil and three solo records: Livin’ Ain’t Easy, The Devil’s Front Door, and For Lydia. His newest solo offering, little demons, from Sputnik Records, continues the artist’s evolution, with a combination of acoustic and electric sounds that challenge the notions of folk music and stomps “all over the line that separates alternative and the mainstream.” In 2008, he left California after a thirty-year fling and returned to Louisiana to teach and be a part of the rebuilding of the New Orleans. He is writing and recording new material with members of The Iguanas while enjoying the rebirth of a great American city.

“Giddens is an exceptional singer-songwriter as well as an English professor at Southern University in New Orleans. The results of the inevitable complications and diversity of such a troubadour life shows up in his latest album, “Little Demons.” There is a spirited quality to the mostly acoustic-guitar-driven new material, though he’s not afraid to rock out, too.” San Antonio Express News

Previous Praise

“Ferocious acoustic rock and roll.” Tucson Weekly

“He’ll probably never top the charts, but Giddens will definitely continue to earn the cult status and following he has built over the years as one of the most poetic folksters of our time.” Public News

“Singer-Songwriter Jerry Giddens ranks high on my must-see/must-hear list because he can drive home serious, sensible, original words while making even an audience that doesn’t agree with him or his songs laugh and join the party.” San Antonio Express News

“Singer-songwriter Jerry Giddens seems to be something of a folkie in another element. His words reflect the human condition and plights so many people face in the streets today. His vehicle of expression is a voice that takes up every corner of the room.” Dallas Observer
Giddens writes beautiful songs, and sings them with lungs of leather. Jazzman (Germany)

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